Home Starting into 2024: Team Update

At the start into creative and courageous year 2024, please meet the current EIT Culture & Creativity Team.


We are a restructured team as we launch into 2024, and whilst this was not something we had originally planned, every member of our newly agile team is a powerhouse of talent, passion, and dedication.


In 2024, our commitment is focused to enable the start of the EIT Culture & Creativity with the support of the EIT and our coordinator Fraunhofer, to start our communication actions through our just newly launched webpage, to run co-creation and engagement fora with our partners and to further develop services for the players in CCSI, e.g. as our offer to Startups and Scaleups through the EIT Culture & Creativity Community at Euroquity.


While we acknowledge the challenges ahead, our mindset is geared towards positivity and resilience. Challenges are opportunities in disguise, and we are fully motivated to turn every obstacle into a stepping stone towards success for EIT Culture & Creativity.


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