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The support programme “AWS Building(s) Tomorrow” aims to identify and advance Austrian innovative potential in technical development throughout the initial stages of economic implementation. The goal of this initiative is to increase awareness, network and share expertise, and provide financial support to take advantage of disruptive innovation potential in the building industry.


The AWS (Austria Wirtschaftsservice) seeks to actively assist and contribute to the building sector’s transition into one that is economically, environmentally, and socially just. AWS is a member of the EIT Culture & Creativity Investment Network.







For Tanja Spennlingwimmer, Head of IP Management, Deep Technologies, and Entrepreneurship at AWS, it is clear.


“40% of all global CO2 emissions come from the buildings sector, and thus it really touches our lives and our culture, as it is part of how we live, build, and shape our environment. In order to make a big leap it is necessary to have creative, out-of-the-box ideas. With our initiative “aws Building(s) Tomorrow” we will provide support and funding for companies (and research institutions in cooperation) that have innovations for the buildings industry.

Moreover “On February 22nd, we launched our call for proposals for our new funding initiative “Building(s) Tomorrow.” “Building(s) Tomorrow” is a funding program in the field of sustainable building, aimed at supporting innovative ideas in the building sector, with a focus on the circular economy. The funded projects are intended to serve as best practices for radical and disruptive innovations in the building and construction sector, demonstrating the potential for achieving climate and environmental goals in the Austrian building branch and how innovative business models can generate new economic opportunities for the industry.”. 


To help those who are interested in applying, Tanja highlighted that “since the program is in large part aimed at Austrian companies, the program website is currently only available in German. Meaning, any difficulties with translating the website in other parts of the world or just want to know more, scheduling a meeting is an option to give a briefing on the most important aspects of our initiative and to clarify all questions.”


AWS Building(s) Tomorrow – Funding:

–  Targets SMEs, Large companies, and Research Institutions;

–  Has a maximum of 80% of the eligible costs, with a limit of EUR 100,000;

–  A project duration of 12 months; 

–  All the applications need to be done before the project starts;

–  The company headquarters or the permanent establishment must be in Austria;

–  And every project must be submitted by May 22nd, 2024.  


Want to know more? Please find more important information, here:  https://www.aws.at/aws-buildings-tomorrow/.


About Austria Wirtschaftsservice Gesellschaft (AWS)

Austria Wirtschaftsservice Gesellschaft mbH (AWS), founded in 2009, serves as the federal development bank, offering a range of financial assistance such as low-interest loans, guarantees, grants, and equity to aid companies in realizing innovative projects from conception to international market success. Alongside financial support, AWS provides guidance on intellectual property protection and exploitation. Furthermore, the organization offers tailored information, advice, and services to support the growth and development of aspiring, existing, and expanding companies.


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