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Our partners are leading organisations in the Cultural and Creative Sectors and Industries, and represent all functions in the Knowledge Triangle: education, innovation and business creation. Together we are striving to make culture and creativity the uncontested driving force for sustainable development and social well-being.

„Brainstorm Multimedia's alliance with EIT Culture & Creativity is driven by a commitment to revolutionize the creative and cultural sector with cutting-edge 3D graphics and virtual production tools. This collaboration aligns with their dedication to empowering artists and cultural practitioners, enabling them to weave immersive narratives and experiences that fuse traditional elements with innovative techniques."​

Brainstorm3d, Cooperation Partner​

„EIT Culture & Creativity is the network of the future for those working and supporting CCSI and strongly believing in the power of networks and their capacity to impact policies and innovative instruments empowering the sector and its actors."​

Materahub, Core Partner​

„We expect to work with Europe’s best teams and creative minds to engage in novel education, innovation and business creation activities; to engage the best talents across Europe on an entrepreneurial journey and to promote Viljandi Culture Academy, University of Tartu and Estonia as a knowledge hub for innovation-minded, socially conscious and impact-driven talents."

University of Tartu, Core Partner​

Core and Cooperation Partners registered as part of the

EIT Culture & Creativity Association as of December 2023.

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