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Shaping the future of cultural and creative policies in Europe.

The Cities & Regions network welcomes policymakers and representatives of professional associations from across Europe to foster innovation in policies, frameworks, and regulations for the CCSI.

Innovation in CCSI policies

The Cities & Regions Network addresses a systemic gap in policy making whereby the Cultural and Creative Sectors and Industries (CCSI) are under-represented in economic, cultural and research policies.

The aim is to create a space for inspiration and empowerment open to policymakers from all governance levels and sectors.

›By fostering coherent policies, programmes and frameworks that overcome policy gaps between the domains of culture, economy, research and education, EIT Culture & Creativity supports a fit for purpose foundation for local creators to thrive, to turn ideas into innovations and income, and to grow and create jobs.‹

Bernd Fesel

CEO of EIT Culture & Creativity​

›We need to re-assess and reinvent our incentives and regulations regime. It will only gain traction once we have embedded a new mindset. Politicians, public servants, business, and academia must help shape this new landscape of thinking, planning and acting as does providing people with agency to harness our collective imagination, intelligences and collective influence.‹

Charles Landry

President and Co-Founder of the Creative Bureaucracy Festival​

›It comes down to brave political decisions. For a long time, Umeå has invested heavily in culture and creativity, and still is the city in Sweden investing most per capita on culture. And it has paid off, in engaged and value-driven citizens, pushing the agenda for local democracy, climate and social sustainability.‹

Janet Ågren

Deputy Mayor of the City of Umeå

Current Delegates and Ambassadors