The Challenge


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An economic powerhouse

With over 7.6 million workers, the European Cultural and Creative Sectors and Industries (CCSI) are an economic powerhouse. The EU Commission has identified CCSI as one of 14 industrial ecosystems vital for its industrial strategy.

Cultural and Creative Sectors and Industries:

The Challenge

CCSI has traditionally faced competitiveness challenges related to the fragmentation and diversity of its subsectors, as well as the different nature of its value networks.
Today, all innovation, growth, and competitive challenges for the European CCSI are intertwined with Europe’s transition to climate neutrality. The European climate law demands a minimum 55% reduction of EU emissions by 2030.

Skills gaps for future job markets


Difficulties in reconciling sustainable and responsible growth in volatile global and tech markets


Limited venture creation and growth


Rising societal challenges and infrequent co-ordinated policy approaches

Fashion & Textiles

Transition from excessive consumerism to more sustainable production and consumption patterns.

Architecture & Cultural Heritage

Meet net-zero ambitions and pursue economic growth, while protecting heritage, and fostering social wellbeing and cohesion.

Audiovisual & Games

Positioning EU contents in global markets, while ensuring diversity and consumer protection as well as reducing the environmental footprint.
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