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The EIT Culture & Creativity Moonshot event helped shed light on a brighter future for the European Cultural and Creative Sectors and Industries (CCSI).

Graphic recording of Moonshot event, Brussels 30 May, by Blanche Ellis – Blancheillustrates.com

As we were about to wrap up the day, AC Coppens, the fantastic host of the day, and Patricia Castillo, interim Chief Communication and Engagement Officer (iCCO) took the stage to explore the audience’s feelings in the final session of the day, entitled “The Moon on a Stick”. To their surprise, the audience seemed a bit reserved! Luckily, they had live polls to warm things up.


The first observation from reviewing the live polls was that everyone feels optimistic about the future of European CCSI. The belief that positive change is possible is the least we can do to appreciate the hard work initiated by so many extraordinary individuals.  However, this optimism is not unconditional. EIT Culture & Creativity is committed to carrying on this legacy and demonstrating that the time for European CCSI has undoubtedly arrived!


The second observation was that everyone is open to address the outdated narratives that have hindered CCSI’s prosperity. It is about time we bridge the gap that separates the creative industriesfrom the cultural sectors. Oftentimes this gap is a language one. EIT Culture & creativity feels compelled to explore and redefine meanings, and build a new glossary that brings us closer together instead of driving us apart.


The third observation was that we are working on fertile ground. Although imbalances persist across Europe, some local and regional CCSI ecosystems are successfully supporting innovation and enabling ventures to expand beyond their own markets. EIT Culture & Creativity aims to learn from these best practices and understand how they can be adapted to achieve similar results in other locations.


The final observation is that it will take more than just funds to create the conditions for European CCSI to grow and thrive. It will require collaboration, hope, and a shared vision to overcome siloes and egos. It will also demand courage. The good news is that courage is a matter of practice.

Bernd Fesel, Chief Executive Officer of EIT Culture & Creativity, is undeterred by the magnitude of the challenge or the tensions that arise in every large endeavor and community.


Tensions, as well as risks, must be accepted and embraced. There will inevitably be tension between those who expect tangible results and those who seek the freedom to innovate without fear of failure. We will not resolve the conflict between the intangible values of cultural and artistic innovation and commercial ventures. Fragmentation of our community will likely persist, pushing us to find creative ways to balance individual gains and communal progress. Operating in an ever-changing world will always bring pressure.


Diversity is in our DNA. We are accustomed to stepping out of our comfort zones and transforming tensions into serendipitous encounters, new values, and new possibilities. EIT Culture & Creativity creates opportunities for debate, respectful understanding, and cooperation.


Fesel concluded the Moonshot event with a promise to build a learning organisation. EIT Culture & Creativity will construct, launch, reevaluate, adapt, and iterate as necessary to align the organization, its purpose, and its mission with the lessons learned along the way. This vibrant and dynamic community embarks on a shared endeavor in which every part of the ecosystem has a critical role both as contributor and beneficiary. “We are baking a cake together, and we are making it bigger than ever before. The bigger the cake, the bigger the pieces will be for everyone.”

Piece written by Patricia Castillo, interim Chief Communication & Engagement Officer at EIT Culture & Creativity.

This is the last of a series of six posts reporting and reflecting on the EIT Culture & Creativity Moonshot Event held in Brussels on 30 May 2023.


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You may see the full recordings of the event and gallery of pictures here:


Watch the sessions on youtube:

1:11:001:39:34 The moon on a stick.
2:01:03 – Let’s wrap it up!


Factsheets with detailed information about EIT Culture & Creativity, Membership schemes, Governance structure, Investment Club and Policy Club are available for downloading:


Factsheets with detailed information about EIT Culture & Creativity, Membership schemes, Governance structure, Investment Club and Policy Club are available for downloading:


We wholeheartedly thank our collaborators:
Blanche Ellis (Blancheillustrates.com) for the graphic recording. Alexis Haulot for the pictures. QED team for the audiovisual support. Lukas Belting for the animations. AC Coppens for the hosting and moderation