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Giovanni Verreschi  is the CEO of ETT S.p.A.. Electronics Engineer and Entrepreneur, graduated from the University of Genoa with a PhD in Robotic Bioengineering. He started his career in 1996 by founding P&V Engineering Associate, a company dedicated to consulting companies in software development and research projects. Since then, ETT’s leading positions have been built around digital transformation, from intelligent government and intelligent cities to experience design for heritage, tourism, corporate communications and retail. Through a series of strategic acquisitions on the national territory, he became CEO of Xedum s.r.l., Space S.p.A. and 490 Studio s.r.l., Corepixx and META, today part of the ETT Group, which in turn has been part of Gruppo SCAI from 2019.

ETT is a member of the EIT Culture & Creativity. This interview is part of an interview series with EIT Culture & Creativity members about their innovations and ambitions.

Our contribution to this community is the ability to create people, places and stories through technology.



Giovanni Verreschi,

CEO of ETT S.p.A





What inspired your organisation to become part of EIT Culture & Creativity? Moreover, what expectations do you hold for this collaboration?


To be part of an unconventional ecosystem with very ambitious goals is inspiring. We expect to be involved in and lead innovation processes that generate new knowledge, tools, data and consciousness in society, bringing together creativity and technology.

What does a successful ecosystem of innovators in Cultural and Creative Sectors and Industries (CCSI) looks like from your organisations’ point of view?


One of the keys to being a successful ecosystem is to welcome new perspectives, leave our comfort zone, and to think and act as a respectful, transparent and open community.

Should you pinpoint a single groundbreaking innovation to make Europe a better place, what would it be and how is your organisation contributing to it?


We propose a unified European digital hub for diverse interactions, education, and data accessibility. It ensures organised and secure data access based on qualifications, leveraging Al for personal growth in education, creativity, and work. ETT, experienced in digitisation, offers valuable tools and expertise for this initiative.



Can you describe your organisation’s core mission and values, and how they align with the objectives underpinning the partnership with EIT Culture & Creativity?


ETT is aligned with the objectives of EIT Culture & Creativity, mustering a wide range of skills within a single production system. Fully integrated solutions may, therefore, be available on the market. ETT’s multidisciplinary team has a holistic view of individual issues, with a complete understanding of data, processes and regulations. A humanistic cultural perspective focuses on people and their search for values.



What unique products, services, or initiatives does your organisation offer that set you apart from others in your industry?


Our collaboration with leading Italian cultural institutions, prominent Italian-made brands and our contribution to international sustainability and climate organisations make us fully aware of the needs, requirements and issues relating to digital transformation in various sectors. Our supply chain, which has grown over the years, now supplies tools and advice foy every aspect of this issue, from the physical to the digital.



Share a recent success story or project that exemplifies the positive impact of your organisation’s work in the CCSI?


The Ecosystem enhancement of the world of “Dante”, with a journey bringing together diverse realities linked to the Poet and his Divine Comedy, making the work and its history accessible to the general public. The ecosystem includes:

      • The Divine Comedy VR: a finely curated virtual reality project, made using generative Al and CGI and now distributed through the principal TV hub in Italy, in selected VR cinemas and directly in schools via a 4.0 education platform.

        • Dante’s Journey: a free downloadable game on app stores that takes you on a journey through Tuscany in the footsteps of Dante.

          • Museo Casa di Dante: a multimedia installation enhancing the physical spaces in Florence, a digital twin for virtual visits anywhere.



        What are some key future initiatives, projects, or innovations your organisation has in the pipeline that our audience should look forward to?


        ETT, as a leading creative enterprise, aims at augmenting new media productions exploiting Generative Al (including: video, text, avatars, 3D).

        If your organisation had a soundtrack, which one would it be and why?


        Bruce Springsteen, Born to Run. The title describes the typical work pace of ETT.

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