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Francisco Ibáñez, based in Alicante, VC, ES, is currently R&D Projects Director at Brainstorm3D, bringing experience from previous roles at National Technical University of Athens, University of Barcelona and Toy Research Institute. Francisco Ibáñez holds a 1988 – 2006 PhD in Industrial Engineering @ Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV).

Brainstrom3D is a member of the EIT Culture & Creativity. This interview is part of an interview series with EIT Culture & Creativity members about their innovations and ambitions.

Our commitment to the creative and cultural sector is to deliver state-of-the-art 3D graphics and virtual production tools that empower artists and cultural & creative practitioners to craft immersive stories and experiences, blending tradition with innovation, and enriching our cultural tapestry with new dimensions of expression.

What inspired your organisation to become part of EIT Culture & Creativity? Moreover, what expectations do you hold for this collaboration?


Brainstorm Multimedia’s alliance with EIT Culture & Creativity is driven by a commitment to revolutionize the creative and cultural sector with cutting-edge 3D graphics and virtual production tools. This collaboration aligns with their dedication to empowering artists and cultural practitioners, enabling them to weave immersive narratives and experiences that fuse traditional elements with innovative techniques. 


By joining forces with EIT, Brainstorm gains access to a broad network of industry and academic partners, funding opportunities, and educational resources that can accelerate their mission. The partnership enhances Brainstorm’s visibility across Europe, facilitating market expansion and positioning them as leaders in technological innovation for the creative industries. The involvement of Brainstorm with EIT Culture & Creativity also underscores a shared dedication to sustainability and societal impact, ensuring that Brainstorm’s contributions help to enrich the cultural landscape with new, expressive dimensions.

Should you pinpoint a single groundbreaking innovation to make Europe a better place, what would it be and how is your organisation contributing to it?


Brainstorm Multimedia champions a fundamental innovation to elevate Europe’s cultural and educational sectors: the democratization of virtual studio technology. Historically reserved for the high-budget film and broadcast industries, Brainstorm is repurposing this technology for broader use. By simplifying and reducing cost, we are making immersive virtual environments accessible to cultural institutions, creative industries and educational entities.

Our efforts focus on breaking down barriers to entry, enabling the creation of engaging and interactive experiences that can reach a broader audience. This initiative not only transforms the way educational and cultural content is presented, but also promotes inclusivity, allowing creators and students from diverse backgrounds to participate and shape cultural dialogue.


What unique products, services, or initiatives does your organisation offer that set you apart from others in your industry?


Brainstorm Multimedia is known for its virtual studio platform that is incredibly easy to use, making it accessible to people without much technical experience. This technology is also affordable, which is a big plus for small creative businesses that want to explore virtual possibilities without spending too much. The company has adapted its technology to suit the creative and culture sector, allowing artists and cultural organizations to add a modern touch to their projects.

Additionally, Brainstorm technology is a success in the education sector, where it is used for online classes and presentations, bringing a new level of interaction to learning. The platforms are customizable, so no matter what creative idea someone has, the technology can be adjusted to fit their vision. Brainstorm is committed to improving and updating its offerings and provides strong support to help users get the most out of technology.

At its core, Brainstorm Multimedia aims to empower the arts, culture and education sectors with the ability to create stunning virtual experiences, all without needing a big budget. This commitment to innovation, accessibility, and support sets Brainstorm apart in the industry and makes it a valuable ally for creatives and educators alike.

Share a recent success story or project that exemplifies the positive impact of your organisation’s work in the CCSI


We significantly impacted the Cultural and Creative Sectors and Industries (CCSI) with two key projects. The SmartSet Project, funded by Horizon 2020, adapted our advanced virtual studio technology for smaller creative groups like local TV stations, independent producers, and YouTubers. This initiative democratized high-quality production, allowing these smaller entities to produce content with sophisticated visual effects that were once exclusive to larger companies.

Following SmartSet’s success, we launched the CloudClass Project, supported by Eureka, which brought our virtual studio technology to the cloud. This innovation has been embraced by universities, simplifying the technology’s use and minimizing hardware requirements. The cloud-based solution enhances remote learning with interactive, immersive experiences. Both projects showcase Brainstorm’s commitment to making cutting-edge technology accessible, fostering creativity, and enhancing competitiveness in the CCSI.


What are some key future initiatives, projects, or innovations your organisation has in the pipeline that our audience should look forward to?


We are interested in adapting our virtual studio technology to the fashion industry to create real-time virtual shows and interactive catalogues, offering a new dimension to fashion presentations.


In the cultural sphere, we are interested in enhancing museum and exhibition visits with immersive presentations and storytelling, using our technology to bring history and art to life alongside actual exhibits. .
Additionally, we would like to extend our real-time graphics solutions to online influencers and presenters, allowing them to produce high-quality content with greater ease and creativity.


Although we started contributing recently, a notable experience from our time with EIT Culture & Creativity was a workshop that brought together the fashion and audiovisual sectors. It was a vibrant exchange of ideas, where the fusion of these industries generated some unexpected and exciting synergies. The workshop concluded with promising contacts and the basis for future projects under the EIT umbrella. It was an environment where creative ideas can emerge when diverse minds meet and underlined the potential for innovation at the crossroads of different creative fields.

If your organisation had a soundtrack, which one would it be and why?


Our soundtrack would be “Tubular Bells” by Mike Oldfield, who in the 1980s used our world-unique virtual studio technology to present the video for his track.

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