Home EIT Culture & Creativity unveils its new visual identity!

In October 2022, EIT Culture & Creativity embarked on a mission to boost the competitiveness of the Cultural and Creative Sectors and Industries (CCSIs) in Europe. As the ninth Innovation Community supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), we strive to empower CCSIs to drive prosperity and catalyse Europe’s Green, Digital, and Social Transformation.


We’re excited to announce that the EIT Culture & Creativity brand has undergone a creative transformation to better represent our unique mission! As we implement our mission across Europe, we wanted to find the most effective way to communicate our message. Working with our partner Ogilvy Germany we’ve created a new visual identity that captures our essence: a celebration of diversity, vibrancy, youthfulness, and a rebellious spirit.

“It is a special challenge as a creative agency to develop the visual identity for such an important driver of the European creative industries and to meet the high standards of the sector. In this way we were able to demonstrate Ogilvy’s design expertise and at the same time do something positive for our industry.”

Our overarching concept captures the essence of our mission and reinforces our commitment to it. “Creatives without borders, Innovation without limits” defines why we began this journey and serves as a guiding principle for our future endeavours. This idea ensures that we stay true to ourselves and continue to be driven by our core values.

“We are immensely proud of the results of this collaboration with Ogilvy. The new visual identity for EIT Culture & Creativity captures the essence of our spirit. Culture and creativity fuel innovation by allowing ourselves to be free, playful and joyful. We are optimistic about the future of European CCSIs, and we want to be vocal about it.”

Creatives without borders, innovation without limits.

Ogilvy has helped us meticulously craft the visual aesthetic of EIT Culture & Creativity to align with the standards of the EIT master brand and maintain recognizability within the wider EIT Community.


In addition to the visual identity, our brand concept is reinforced through the use of unique sculptures. These abstract, hyper-futuristic, yet organic figures have been designed as custom 3D sculptures, exclusively created for our brand. These sculptures not only represent interconnectedness and forward-thinking, but also add a touch of playfulness, uniqueness, and creative personality to all of our visual assets. As the most distinctive brand cue, they contribute to the overall layout and balance of the composition, while also ensuring a strong visual impact.

To further enhance the visual impact of our sculptures, we will paint them using EIT’s rich and vibrant colour palette, which will be combined in seamless gradients. Gradients have no boundaries and blend from one colour to another in perfect harmony.

All of the elements, including the sculptures, work together to create an integrated visual tension that balances order and chaos. This approach underscores the idea that diversity is a crucial element for innovation and that extraordinary things happen when different ideas intersect.

The new visual identity of EIT Culture & Creativity reflects our brand’s creative personality and will be gradually implemented in all public touchpoints in the upcoming months. We’re thrilled to share this exciting news with you!