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It was about time we celebrated EIT Culture & Creativity and came together to aim for the moon!


🚀 We are still up in the stars!


On 30 May 2023 EIT Culture & Creativity celebrated joining the family of EIT Knowledge and Innovation Communities and thereby bringing the Cultural and Creative Sectors and Industries (CCSI) into the largest innovation network in Europe. This is the result of decades-long efforts of groups in the policy, industrial, social, and cultural realms, who have made possible the recognition of CCSI as an economic, social, and innovative powerhouse in Europe.

EIT Culture & Creativity Moonshot event, photo by Alexis Haulot

The EIT Culture & Creativity’s Moonshot event provided an opportunity to establish a long-term and ambitious shared goal for the competitiveness of European CCSIs and their critical role in the future of Europe. The event, which was held in Brussels, gathered not only relevant representatives from the European Parliament, the European Commission, Member States, regions, and cities, but also representatives from the industry, the arts and cultural heritage, academia, research and innovation, and investment organizations.


The event closed, but the contents and results of the inspiring sessions, panels and talks resonates:


💡 The  money talk is necessary to build investment opportunities for CCSI ventures.

💡 Regional and local policymaking is key for developing healthy creative and cultural ecosystems.

💡 A successful community needs trust, collaboration and optimism. 

đź’ˇ EIT Culture & Creativity listens and learns to serve you better!


We thank everyone who made this event possible: Speakers, panellists and guests, our partner organisations and our amazing EIT Culture & Creativity team.


Following, you will find the full recordings of the event with detailed chapters in the video description as well as a photo gallery and the results of the graphic recordings, which were created during the event.

EIT Culture & Creativity Moonshot event (Morning Session):

EIT Culture & Creativity Moonshot event (Afternoon Session):