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About EIT Culture & Creativity Supervisory Board

Please note that the call guidelines have been updated on date 20th March 2024. Accordingly, we recommend to all applicants to kindly review the latest version before submitting your application. Thank you.

About EIT Culture & Creativity Supervisory Board

  • EIT Culture & Creativity (EIT C&C) is a European Partnership aimed at strengthening and transforming Europe’s Cultural and Creative Sectors and Industries
  • The Supervisory Board (SB) oversees the management of EIT C&C and approves strategic agendas, business plans, and other key activities

Responsibilities of the Supervisory Board

  • The SB ensures legality, regularity, and compliance with applicable legal documents and regulations
  • Members must possess independence, expert knowledge, and broad international experience

Profile of SB Members

  • Diversity of thought, gender, geographical spread, and intergenerational representation are essential
  • Mandatory qualities include understanding of CCSI, the quadruple helix concept, EU policies, and experience in similar organizational boards

Expectations, Workload, and Remuneration

  • Members are expected to attend meetings, participate in discussions, and engage in cultural or scientific events
  • Remuneration is provided for meeting attendance, with additional compensation for extra work and reimbursed out-of-pocket costs

Application and Selection Process

  • Interested candidates must submit a letter of motivation, CV, and declaration on no conflict of interests to hiring@eit-culture-creativity.eu
  • Applications will be accepted until May 15, 2024

Evaluation and Selection Criteria

  • Candidates will be assessed based on qualifications, professional experience, sector expertise, vision, and demonstrated achievements.
  • Shortlisted candidates will undergo interviews to further evaluate their suitability.

Notification and Induction

  • Shortlisted candidates will be notified for interviews, and final decisions will be communicated promptly.
  • New members will undergo an orientation program to understand EIT C&C’s objectives and operations.

For detailed guidelines and application procedures, please refer to the call guidelines: click here to view the call guidelines.