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The Next Renaissance

We believe in the transformative power of art and technology working together. This is why we created The Next Renaissance.

Think, Plan, Act

The Next Renaissance argues for a paradigm shift in how we think, plan and act. This is a movement for those who believe that the creative and cultural sectors, and especially the blending of scientific, technological, cultural and artistic knowledge, can be a catalytic driver to both imagine and realise possible futures.

Here’s the place where ideas become actions, and we all learn from the results.

Renaissance 3.0 by Peter Weibel


“We plead for defending the function of art and science against the current sceptics, as is necessary today more than ever as we experience climate and pandemic crises.”

The cocktail of challenges of disadvantaged in crisis by Teresa Ó Brádaigh Bean and Ruth Daniel​


“This invites reflections about the importance of embedding participatory grant-making for grassroots arts organisations as a strategy to create a more inclusive and diverse creative ecosystem that supports arts-based sustainable development.”

If there’s to be a new renaissance, let it be a renaissance of humanity by Milota Sidorova


“We must be a part of the world just like any other organism, as well as part of our own community of people, paying attention to the youngest and most vulnerable.”

From the station of being to societal transformation - how design can drive a new European Renaissance by Ambra Trotto, Caroline Hummels, Jeroen Peeters, Daisy Yoo & Pierre Lèvy.


“Design for Transforming Practices is not about ‘solving’ the problems, but about ‘dissolving’ them by using design to explore and imagine futures and concretising them in the here and now to experience the alternatives.”

›Not everything that is commonly referred to as innovative really deserves this label. More and more people are realizing these days that innovation in the 21st century has to be more than just the next product range. This is where the triangle of science, technology and art comes into play. It’s about fundamentally new perspectives and forms of collaboration, and all the potential that comes from this interplay.‹
Veronika Liebl, Managing Director at the department Festival/Prix/Exhibitions of Ars Electronica