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Fueling the European investment market in culture & creativity

The EIT Culture & Creativity Investment Club will build and fuel the European investment market in culture and creativity. Our aim is to create an effective finance and growth ecosystem fit for companies in the Cultural and Creative Sectors and Industries, so that they can fulfill their untapped potential, compete, and succeed on a global level while creating a positive social and environmental impact.

Our first step in this direction is partnering with Bpifrance to host and facilitate connections between investors and companies on the Euroquity platform.

Developed in collaboration with Bpifrance, EuroQuity serves as an essential digital platform to connect innovative companies with investors and partners. Being part of the EIT Culture & Creativity Investment Club community offers an array of benefits:

  • Registration and participation in the community is free of charge.
  • Highly vetted platform for investors and companies.
  • Access to company pitch decks.
  • Online and offline events.
  • Access to awards and recognition opportunities as investors or companies.

How to join?

Read the press release on the launch of our Euroquity platform for further information.

Still not sure if it’s for you? Check out the definitions below.

Cultural and Creative Sectors and Industries (CCSI): Audiovisual, multimedia, video games. Radio, podcasting. Architecture. Fashion design. Music, festivals. Design. Books, press, publishing. Visual arts, photography. Performing arts. Art, crafts, fine arts. Design. Cultural and natural heritage. Archives, libraries.

Investors: Angel investors, VCs/private investment firms. Philanthropic/social investors. Public development funds.

SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises): Startups and SMEs with an established legal entity operating in CCSI markets.

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