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About EIT Culture & Creativity

Who we are

EIT Culture & Creativity is an initiative of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT).We are a Knowledge and Innovation Community designed to strengthen and transform Europe’s Cultural and Creative Sectors and Industries (CCSI) by connecting creatives and organisations to Europe’s largest innovation network. For the next 7 years, EIT Culture & creativity will:  

  • empower and connect creatives and innovators across Europe and contribute to a more resilient, more sustainable, and transformational sector. 
  • unlock latent value from a multitude of small cultural and creative stakeholders through technology transfer, improved cross-sectoral collaboration and their effective integration in production value networks.
  • strengthen artistic driven innovation as an indispensable part of the European Innovation Ecosystem.
  • reinforce the appreciation and anchoring of European values, and identities.  
  • harness the unique position of the Cultural and Creative Sectors and Industries to facilitate Europe’s Green, Digital and Social transitions.

EIT Culture & Creativity will run 10 Action Programmes (AP) to pursue five Strategic Objectives. 

We will create and deploy interdisciplinary education programmes for future-proofing the skillsets of students and professionals in the creative and cultural industries, and cross-fertilising other sectors with creativity and design as transversals skills.

We will translate Europe’s leading knowledge, technologies and innovations into products, services and experiences leveraging collaborations across domains by creative stakeholders, researchers, innovators, and entrepreneurs, while driving the Green, Digital and Social transitions of and with cultural and creative industries.

We will co-create Private and Public Value by working to connect startups with the market, and implementing innovative solutions that open new opportunities for diverse creative players, paving the way for sustainable ecosystem growth and consolidation.

We will unleash the potential of cultural and creative industries for social Innovation. By fostering values-based cultural entrepreneurship, we will increase social cohesion, the well-being of communities, sustainability and anchor EU values in cities, regions and rural areas across Europe.

We will consolidate an Europe-wide Innovation Ecosystem leveraging the data and deep insights required for an evidence-based decision and policymaking that will unleash the full potential of creative and cultural industries to improve their own competitiveness, and contribute to Europe’s triple transition.

Where we are

EIT Culture & Creativity headquarters are located in Cologne, Germany. 

We have 6 Co-Location Centres (CLCs) located all over Europe. Each CLC will serve as a key node to connect with regional stakeholders across the Knowledge Triangle by building on existing networks and relationships. CLCs will be the first entry point for organisations willing to join or participate in the KIC activities. 

Need more information on EIT Culture & Creativity governance, membership and initiatives?

Check out a collection of our factsheets here

The team behind

Meet EIT Culture & Creativity’s (interim) management team:

Bernd Fesel

Chief executive officer

Claudia Jericho

Interim Chief operations officer

Mehjabeen Patrick

INterim Chief financial officer

Patricia Castillo Cardenas

Interim Chief communication & engagement officer

The Constituting Supervisory Board (CSB)

The interim CSB will supervise and support the EIT Culture & Creativity’s Management Team, its policy and course of action and the general conduct of affairs, considering the interests and concerns of the KIC’s stakeholders as well as the EIT regulations.  The term of this iCSB ends in December 2023.


Founder & CEO Tataj Innovation ltd.

Rachel Armstrong
Vice Chair

ZAP Professor of design-driven
construction for regenerative architecture @ ku leuven

Anette Novak

CEO of the swedish film institute

Niccolò Caderni

director of unit9

Paul Gardien


The Executive Board (EB)

The EIT CCSI e.V. is sole shareholder and owner of the EIT CC Limited; The interim EB is legally representing the EIT CCSI e.V.

Prasanna Oommen-Hirschberg
Executive Board Chair

Sven Kreigenfeld
Executive Board member

SUGA Coordinator: Fraunhofer

While EIT Culture & Creativity is in its start-up year from September 2022 to December 2023, Fraunhofer ISC in Würzburg is accountable for proper implementation of the legal and administrative requirements of the granting authority (EIT). Meet the Fraunhofer team below:

Dr. Johanna Leissner


Sabrina Rota


Dr. Thomas Hofmann

Vice Director Fraunhofer ISC

Dr. Uwe Posset

European Affairs Coordinator

Valentina Kojic

Legal Counsel, Principal Consultant Large EU Projects

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